Ancient Black

$30.00 - $95.00

About the Colour

The bog is an entity, living and breathing, in the heart of Ireland. Ronnie Graham believes the bog wood seems to emit a haunting power and he uses its buried oak as the root of his artform. The colour Ancient Black lives in the layers of his sculptures.

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Ronnie Graham
About the Designer
Ronnie Graham

Ronnie Graham

Ronnie Graham began carving in Belfast in 1980, he now lives and works in the west of Ireland. This early introduction to bogoak quickly turned into a passion, and he has been experimenting with the material ever since. It is the ancient nature of the timber that intrigues Ronnie—a 5,000 year old wood that has been buried and preserved in the extensive bog-land of Ireland. Some of these ancient trees died due to climatic changes, others due to the farming techniques of stone age ancestors. Thousands of years later they reappear due to turf-cutting, land drainage and occasionally, tidal action. The bog wood seems to emit a haunting power—the perfect medium for a sculptor’s imagination to work with the material. The colour Ancient Black lives in the layers of Ronnie's sculptures.

Up to 10-12m2/litre when applied under normal conditions on a non-porous surface.